Soothing Nervous Patients with Music

Soothing Nervous Patients with Music

Music has been found to aid in relaxing nervous or anxious patients. New studies show that pain receptors react to music in a positive manner. Music can change the way pain is felt in the body. Music is also known to help create a positive atmosphere. Several fields of medicine use music to soothe the blues! Dentists for example find that music aids in the relaxation procession of many patients. Music also has been found to be extremely helpfully in calming surgery patients. Patients who are depressed find music therapy very helpful as well. It helps them release tension and find there center.

Dental Use For Music

Many people fear entering the dentist office. It is that fear that creates levels of high anxiety as soon as people walk in the door of a dental office. Nervous tension begins to build by because you do not know what toe expect. Which is common when anyone visits the dentist. You do not know if you have to be injected with a needle and maybe you hate needles. Perhaps it is the pain alone than cause the most fear and nervousness. To aid in calming nervous patients many dental offices are trying headsets that play soothing music. Music studies have uncovered that music actually changes the pain receptors feel pain in the brain.

Surgery And Music

No one likes to be in admitted to the hospital especially when it comes to having surgery. There are some many things involved with having surgery that cause you to have high levels of anxiety. Anxiety so high that many people can give themselves panic attacks, high blood pressure, and a nauseous feeling. When you are this nervous it is very hard for some people to relax when they are inside the hospital. Many people have a fear of needles, of being put under anesthesia, and of dying while having surgery. This is why before surgery doctors are attempting to use music to relax and soothe patients as much as possible.

Depression and Musically Healing

Depression is known to cause feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and sadness. Depression is a something many people struggle with on a daily basis. You can fight your feelings of depression by using music therapy. Music is used to relax the nerves and soothe their minds. A depressed person just needs a way to find a positive outlook on life and music helps in doing so. In some depressed patients it can serve as a great therapeutic function.  Here is how music is used to treat depression.